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Just in Time for Christmas;Blogmas Day 1

yells very loud and abruptly, "It's almost CHRISTMASSSS."

Christmas is by far,my favorite holiday of the year. The weather, music, decorations, and all other positive things give the holiday it's own vibe. I am here very briefly today to give you a little insight on my Blogmas Day #1 about some good gifts for your significant other, creative D.I.Y. projects for the entire family, and additionally, I will be dropping some of the sweetest websites, yet, to purchase the most creative Ugly Christmas Sweaters. Besides, a little fun and eggnog by the tree won't hurt.

(For Him)...
Has he been naughty or nice? Hmm. Lets hope NICE.

1. Cologne.
I love a nice fragrance on a man. Tied for the #1 spot is Bond No. 9 Success is the Essence of New York and/or Gucci Guilty

 Purchase Bond No. 9 here
Purchase Gucci Guilty here: You can pretty much find this fragrance anywhere, but Macy's has a holiday sale going on right now. Use discount code FRIEND to get 15% off. Can't go…
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You're Unhappy, but the benefits are good.. Should you stay?

You are awakened by an unusual feeling in the middle of the night. You roll over and realize he is not there. But the feeling is not new. You have been suffering from an unusual anxiety attack and you think the stress and the bizarre pressure is coming from you mentally thinking of all of the "What if's?"
What if he is working late tonight? But I don't know, it's 4 a.m., that's too late.
What if he's with the babymomma? No, can't be. I double-checked her Instagram page and she's out of town.
You stay up considering calling him or going to his office to make sure he's there. But you're so afraid of the call going to the voicemail that you're dialing the number and feeling an array of emotions as you're sent straight TO THE VOICEMAIL.

Just a week ago, none of this mattered. 

On your lunch break, you run down to Huff Furniture to see what's new in stock. The pieces are bomb, but the price tags are more than your biweekly paycheck&…

The I.G.B. Blog Presents: MonYAY or MonNAY!

So, today is Monday and there are officially three days left until Thanksgiving. I am super excited. I do not know if I am more excited about the food, family fun, or how I am going to beat this face to the gawds. On this segment of “MonYAY or MonNAY,” I will feature some of the hottest makeup products on the market and rate them a yay for yes ;) or nay for no ;(.I will showcase one of my favorite products, so far, from superstar Rihanna’s- Fenty Beauty line.
These products will surely have you stylin’ and profilin’ this holiday szn. I will also debut a pair of mink eyelashes from my cosmetics line #IGBCosmetics which is set to launch late February. I am not sure if this particular pair of lashes will make the cut, but we shall see.
You ready sis? Let’s go get them…
First off, let’s just say I love Kat Von D. Her artistic crave is what sets her makeup line aside from others. You will definitely have a bold performance whether you are wearing her Lock-It foundation, baking like a pro wi…

THRIFTY Thursday, on a Friday.

This is the deal. I went thrifting this week and I had the time of my life. Why? I love clothes. Clothes were involved, so it was bound to be fun anyways. Lol.

I rarely thrift anymore. I actually got the idea from a poll I did on Instagram, specifically to be more engaging and to do something that my readers would enjoy. One of my favorite followers recommended going thrifting and actually incorporating my more expensive taste with a simple, yet creative style. It is not nearly what you wear, but how you wear it. You can mix-and-match a $300 top with a $50 bottom and no one should be able to tell the difference.  The difference is you.
Truthfully, everyone cannot afford everything they want. I think that’s all of us to an extinct though. There are a host of thrift stores located in Atlanta that serves you some of the fresh, modern, yet antique, creative pieces. Majority of these pieces are straps and the patterns are sometimes oddly different from one another. That’s the good part. …

This one here is for all of my SHOE FREAKS…..

Ladies, so we’ve had a swift transition into the fall/winter holiday seasons. Even though the weather is still do-able for some open toed shoes, I am about to drop some real nice flavor your way.
Don’t fret, some will be budget friendly. Many of my ladies are fairly simple when it comes down to shoes and outfits, while some of US, we just turn the knob up a notch. Now, don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being a comfortable, dress-down type of girl. You may not have the time or energy to put into all of that. So, I have some great picks for you, too.
“Chef cooking for me, they say my shoe game crazy. The mental asylum looking for me.” That was Nicki Minaj. But look, listen, for all of my insane, shoe freaks, girl I found some picks for us.
Majority of the shoes I will feature includes designers such as: Christian Louboutin, Dsquared2, Jimmy Choo, Giuseppe Zanotti, and some from my favorite online boutiques such as: Lola Shoetique, Pressed, and Blamer Shoes.

Vintage + Modern Mix & Match

Ok, ok… so last week I went to one of my favorites places in the wholeeeeeeeee entire world. This place is so clean-cut, cool, artsy, and I can’t think of any more bright words at this point, so it’s the “High Museum of Art.” The events and showcases held at this museum are always so dope. They make you think outside of every box inside of your mind and make those creative juices flow, effortlessly.
Let’s keep it moving… So, the title of this high fashion arrangement was, “Making Africa: A Continent of Contemporary Design.” It demonstrated and featured African designers and their unfamiliar, but creative techniques towards the production and techniques of style. Not only that, but my girl Chimamanda Adichie podcasted how Africa is portrayed and how they actually contribute more to the Western side of the world than we think or know of. 
Sidenote:grab some popcorn once you’re done reading this blog post because I am going to leave the link to her most infamous Ted Talk, “The Danger of a …