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R & B Super Jam featuring Monica, Tyrese, Joe, Total, & more!

 *ques* “Just one of them days, that a girl goes through. When I’m angry inside, don’t want to take it out on you.” Oh how we love Mo. Monica has been one of my favorite artists since I knew how to interpret her songs and figure out the meaning behind them all. Yes, ALL because I am for sure I know 90% of her songs verbatim. She’s like some type of spiritual, magical connection for me because she sings from the soul. I’m probably not old enough to have encountered many of the situations she’s been through in the public eye, but I can definitely relate.

It was my first time seeing her live in concert and she PUT IT DOWN. I mean from the pitch of her voice, her wardrobe, song choices, everything. It was just damn good. I was also here for Joe. He was ok, everybody else I missed because I got there on black folks time. I gots to do better.  Lol.

So, who wore what?

  • Monica's Attire:

@cyndiibee_, which is Monica’s photographer, brought all of the lighting exposure, great focal zoom, and content to Sister Mo’s pictures, in which, she posted via Instagram. She wore vintage-like silk pants with a gold sequence, paired with Christian Louboutin pointy ankle boots. What I liked most about what she wore was the gold-hooded sequence. It gave her outfit so much flavor and pizzazz. That voice, her sense of fashion, and her relationship with God makes Mo the complete package in my book.

  • My Attire:

Ok, so I ordered my dress weeks before the actual concert because I know how I am and I like to change my mind at the last minute. Irritating, I know. But, I got this silk piece from Fashion Nova. Your favorite Instagram boutique. Hahaha. I completed the look with an over-sized blue jean jacket, which is not pictured, and my single-strapped blue jean sandals from Aldo. I kept getting sprinkled on, but whatever, the show must go on. These pictures were shot using my Canon T5 Rebel, amazing quality.

What did you wear? Or, what would you would have worn?
Let me know, down below.


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