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The I.G.B. Blog Presents: MonYAY or MonNAY!

So, today is Monday and there are officially three days left until Thanksgiving. I am super excited. I do not know if I am more excited about the food, family fun, or how I am going to beat this face to the gawds. On this segment of “MonYAY or MonNAY,” I will feature some of the hottest makeup products on the market and rate them a yay for yes ;) or nay for no ;(.  I will showcase one of my favorite products, so far, from superstar Rihanna’s- Fenty Beauty line.
These products will surely have you stylin’ and profilin’ this holiday szn. I will also debut a pair of mink eyelashes from my cosmetics line #IGBCosmetics which is set to launch late February. I am not sure if this particular pair of lashes will make the cut, but we shall see.

You ready sis? Let’s go get them…

First off, let’s just say I love Kat Von D. Her artistic crave is what sets her makeup line aside from others. You will definitely have a bold performance whether you are wearing her Lock-It foundation, baking like a pro with her Lock-It setting powder, or striking a daring pose in her Studded Kiss Rouge Lipstick. That’s exactly what I’m doing. *snaps selfie* Vampira, which is pictured below is highly pigmented. The color goes well with any skin complexion and it has an instant soft-matte finish. Vampira, by Kat is definitely rated a monYAY!!

Now, let’s get into this Rainforest of the Sea hydrating mist by Tarte. P-E-R-F-E-C-T-I-O-N. I have been using this particular mist as a setting spray since it dropped last summer. Sis, when I say my foundation does not move, nor crease the entire day, I ain’t lying. It’s a good moisturizer for my uneven toned skin and the scent is also refreshing. Give it a try, if you have not tried it yet, as it is also available in travel size. Rated: MonYAY!!

The Match Stix from Fenty Beauty by Rihanna. This match stix serves as a highlighter, blush, and the layering is as light as air. How light? Light. As. Air. I had to say it a little louder for the boys in the back.

I have been sporting the Match Stix in the color Blonde for nearly three weeks now. I do not apply a heavy amount of highlight no matter what brand I am using, so this one works faultlessly for me. Trophy Wife, the popular super-pigmented highlighter, and Blonde, are nearly the same in comparison. Blonde is not as bright, but it gets the job done. Oh-Na-Na, Ri Ri gets her MonYAY today.

Better than Sex? Huh.
Yes, the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara is indeed superb. This dupe keeps my lashes intensely filled. I use one to two coats and it leaves my lashes looking fluffy and completely natural. When I shop for mascara’s, I have to ensure that it does what I like to call the “lift and hold" technique. “Lifting” is when I start at the base (near my lash-line) and I hold the mascara swab there for nearly seven seconds and apply in the direction of my lashes. Sometimes, I go a little overboard and apply four to five coats because I love for my lashes to look dramatic. Rated a MonYAY for the win.


Lastly, false eyelashes are my favorite.
Whether they are synthetic, synthetic-human hair blended, or mink, they will forever be one of my favorite accessories to garb in. I.G.B. Cosmetics will consist of a host of familiar makeup products, which I will not snip about right now, to make all women feel extremely beautiful and alluring. I have worn these particular pair of lashes for three weeks and they have given my big ole’ eyes an amazing flare. They are very lightweight and I apply them with my favorite tweezers from Elf cosmetics. I have at least six pairs of those tweezers, which is kind of crazy. Lol. However, I will rate these lashes as a MonNAY because I am very indecisive about adding them. As I go back to the drawing board, we will definitely know by the ladder part of January. Start saving now because it will be fire. Smooches!!


DID YOU KNOW? A 2010 survey found that the average woman spends about $13,000 or more on makeup in her lifetime.

Beauty is definitely in the eyes of the beholder,                            


  1. U r so creative & talented u're gonna take ova & im ready 4 it.... u deserve it Sephora here I come

  2. Why you ain’t gave these people a makeup tutorial ??

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I need a makeup tutorial , gon head and post some videos on how to properly beat ya face with these Monyay products !!!


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