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This one here is for all of my SHOE FREAKS…..

            Ladies, so we’ve had a swift transition into the fall/winter holiday seasons. Even though the weather is still do-able for some open toed shoes, I am about to drop some real nice flavor your way.

Don’t fret, some will be budget friendly. Many of my ladies are fairly simple when it comes down to shoes and outfits, while some of US, we just turn the knob up a notch. Now, don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being a comfortable, dress-down type of girl. You may not have the time or energy to put into all of that. So, I have some great picks for you, too.

“Chef cooking for me, they say my shoe game crazy. The mental asylum looking for me.” That was Nicki Minaj. But look, listen, for all of my insane, shoe freaks, girl I found some picks for us.

Majority of the shoes I will feature includes designers such as: Christian Louboutin, Dsquared2, Jimmy Choo, Giuseppe Zanotti, and some from my favorite online boutiques such as: Lola Shoetique, Pressed, and Blamer Shoes.

The countdown begins now:

Coming in at #10: I chose the Lace Multi Runs from Blamer Shoes. They are priced at a whopping $174.99 but these babies are hot. Pair these with a cute bodycon dress and body-length cardigan, you will definitely snatch some wigs, honey.

#9: “These expensive, these is Red Bottoms. These are bloody shoes.” –Cardi B.
The JERSEY VAMP’s by the Don, Mr. Christian Louboutin, himself. Are ya half-stepping or whole-stepping sis? Her heel is at 100mm, which is usually between 3.94’-4’ inches tall. She is so elegant, creating an irreverent juxtaposition for us ladies. She’s $995.00, but worth it.

#8.  Whether it’s luxurious leather, suede, or over the knee-boots, Mr. Jimmy Choo got you. For number eight, I chose these all-weather, Dana boots. The fox fur detailing is guaranteed warmth. $1,350.00 is the price tag for her, and you’ll definitely slay to perfection in these.

#7. If you want the most coveted styles of the season, Lola Shoetique has these Enchanting, black-sheer like, thigh-high boots. Not only are they very sexy for his and her date night, they are laced with diamonds. Girl, when he see you in these, he may want to slip underneath that dress at the dinner table. But I am going to sip this tea…. Ummm.

Barely There- Nude’s. #6, I just had to add these to the list because I have them and they pretty much make any ensemble look fly. Kanye West has a similar shoe priced at like $700, and I snagged these for $43.99 from Lola Shoetique. I have to budget these coins sometimes my dear.

Almost through, #5. The iconic Wing Leather High Heel Sandal by Ms. Sophia Webster. This shoe is often imitated, but has failed to be duplicated. One word, CLASS.

#4. These Suede Lace Up Booties from Pressed ATL are fly. On a chill mall day, they would go cute with a curvy jogging suit. I would definitely pair them with my “I.G.B Blog” black hoodie, and some ripped high wasted denim jeans. Yes ma’am

#3. ALDO Shoes. Cherima over-the-knee-boots. Priced at $180, they are very inexpensive and the metallic material will make you stand out amongst all. Sporting these mirror finish devils, you will turn heads.

#2. Dsquared2 ALWAYS bring the heat. The Riri Mountain Sandals, are just that, Rihanna. They are so fly and did I mention, experimental. You can either wear them half leg or full leg, laced-up. They are finished with a tassle faux fur accessory. So cute!!!!!

#1. “We finally made itttt…” *Rich Homie Quan voice” LOL.
So, to put the cherry on the pie, I chose the Money Green Caiman II by Jennifer Le. These are what I like to call, “Boss Boots.” This leather embossed thigh high is made from 100% genuine leather. Can you not tell? They are hand finished, priced at $429.00. The Money Green Caiman II's are style approved.

Lets get stepping ladies…




  1. I luv dis one sis I would Def luv those Le bootz....... they r lit.... I luk forward 2 ur post every week... u inspire me 2 start 1.... luv u

    1. You should. Lol. I would love to see what you have to say. Those boots are life. gooooshhhhh. & thank you so much friend. ily more

  2. Itz about 3 more I like 2 tho... dnt make me spend no money delz 😫😫😫😫😫😫

  3. #8 and #1 I Love !!!! Something about thigh high and over the knee boots !!!! Love this post girlie !!

    1. Me too! Thanks sis! I appreciate your support!! 😘

  4. This is such a nice post. I am excited to read more posts from you, you seem so chic and have such a unique take on style :)

    - Marina


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