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THRIFTY Thursday, on a Friday.

This is the deal. I went thrifting this week and I had the time of my life. Why? I love clothes. Clothes were involved, so it was bound to be fun anyways. Lol.

I rarely thrift anymore. I actually got the idea from a poll I did on Instagram, specifically to be more engaging and to do something that my readers would enjoy. One of my favorite followers recommended going thrifting and actually incorporating my more expensive taste with a simple, yet creative style. It is not nearly what you wear, but how you wear it. You can mix-and-match a $300 top with a $50 bottom and no one should be able to tell the difference.  The difference is you.

Truthfully, everyone cannot afford everything they want. I think that’s all of us to an extinct though. There are a host of thrift stores located in Atlanta that serves you some of the fresh, modern, yet antique, creative pieces. Majority of these pieces are straps and the patterns are sometimes oddly different from one another. That’s the good part. That shirt is different from what you are used to and it is solely up to you to bring the fashion Gods to a halt and grab their attention.

To add, I love the young women on Instagram that exemplify more than the “matchy-matchy” phase that’s going on. The sister that thinks, “because I am wearing these shoes, I have to wear the bandana, purse, shirt, jogging suit, etc. all together at once.” Ehhh. Not my cup of tea. I love a mixture of clothing, myself. What I like today, I probably will look over tomorrow. I make sure my style is me. It is what I feel at this or that exact moment.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I used to always think thrift stores sold old and dirty clothes. I have no earthly idea why. This is the perfect example of why you should not judge a book by its cover. Many of my favorite jackets and some shirts that I have had for years, actually came from a thrift store. Majority of the time the clothing is new and/or gently used. So, I went and found some new shirts and a cool jacket to add a little bit of that MonDelaRosa flavor to it. & if you did not know, MonDelaRosa is my alter-ago. The twin sister I always wanted honey.

Here’s how I did it….

This blouse stood out to me because of its pattern. The garments fabric was extracted from silk. The texture and luster was very easy to manage, which means that I could wear it all day and not look wrinkled.

The skirt I actually sewed together. I created the slit in the back and added red patches to it, so that it could mirror the front fringes a little more. Not only did this red make the outfit pop, it also brought out the red polka-dots in the blouse.

Okay then girl, slay.

Here are some additional handy-dandy PRO-TIPS that I use while thrifting:
1.       Fabric content matters.
2.       Let your hand guide you to and through. The best way for you to judge the quality of a fabric is to touch it. When it comes to fiber, the more the merrier.
3.       The greater the quality, the more it will cost you. If you want good quality, depending on the type of thrift store, you will have to pay for it.
4.       Set a limit. If I know that I will be visiting more than one thrift store that day, I will set a limit to how much I want to spend at each one.
5.       TRY IT ON: Just because it look like it fits, it probably won’t. Certain fabrics are tricky and may not stretch and adjust to your liking how you think they will.

Also, I’ve developed a list of my favorite thrift stores in Atlanta, and they all have that good-good….

1.       Rag-O-Rama- Little Five Points.
2.       Goodwill- Ponce De Leon
3.       Buffalo Exchange- Ponce De Leon
4.       Psycho Sisters- Little Five Points

Although this is all I have for you tonight,

What do you enjoy most a thrifting? Have you ever tried thrifting before? I would love to know.


So, I decided to do a thrifting weekend once every month just to show you ladies how you can pay less and still slay. Being able to combine different patterns and garments actually shows your style and creativity when it comes down to fashion. 

About this look:

I purchased this shirt from the thrift store and decided to pair it a pair of leggings the color of the contrasting strips in the shirt. I purchased my jacket from Miss Guided and I sewed the patterns on with fabric purchased from a fabric store. 

May the thrifting odds work in your favor,



  1. Thanks for this informative post! I’ve never heard of those places you mentioned in Little five points I’ll most definitely be stopping by

    1. Yes, and make sure you let me know what you get!! You know you're always fly!

  2. Ok Your revamp on that jacket is too cute !! I love it !!! I heard the thrift stores in Alpharetta be having some good stuff , I still haven’t made it out there yet ! This is a good weekly thing ! I’m tuned in! - Toy Toy

  3. I love clothes too and these outfits are stunning!


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