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Vintage + Modern Mix & Match

Ok, ok… so last week I went to one of my favorites places in the wholeeeeeeeee entire world. This place is so clean-cut, cool, artsy, and I can’t think of any more bright words at this point, so it’s the “High Museum of Art.” The events and showcases held at this museum are always so dope. They make you think outside of every box inside of your mind and make those creative juices flow, effortlessly.

Let’s keep it moving… So, the title of this high fashion arrangement was, “Making Africa: A Continent of Contemporary Design.” It demonstrated and featured African designers and their unfamiliar, but creative techniques towards the production and techniques of style. Not only that, but my girl Chimamanda Adichie podcasted how Africa is portrayed and how they actually contribute more to the Western side of the world than we think or know of. 

Sidenote: grab some popcorn once you’re done reading this blog post because I am going to leave the link to her most infamous Ted Talk, “The Danger of a Single Story,” right below. You’ll see why I love her.

Furthermore, our lives are composed of many different cultures and religions and overlapping stories. But how would vintage and modern-day fashions overlap? Hmmm. In our daily interactions, simple things such as design, applique’, weaving, etc. tie us together, but at the same time, displays how we are all different. African designs often display vibrant colors, and different patterns of fabric. Ethnic fashion is not in their category. They do not follow trends and the aesthetics of their clothing is so diverse and unique.

Now, reading many of the fact tags located throughout the museum, it was very evident that my sisters face many barriers trying to get their clothing lines and designs to go mainstream. Why? Entrepreneurship isn’t as easy for them as it would be for us because their resources are very sacred. They often use outlets such as: blogs, social media, and art, as a collective stage for self-expression.

So, y’all know I had to go scrabble up some stuff.

I have images of African designs and hairstyles that I compared to some of the famous people we know. It may not be spot on, but you will, hopefully, get the picture.

Girl, look at Solange and this helicopter on top of her head. Lol. But it is different and she is always so experimental and inventive. I live. You can also see how African braiding techniques are similar to ours. Very Neat.


*On the contrary, the ones near the West End Mall just can’t braid my hair because they are too damn heavy-handed. Or am I too tender-headed? Whatever, the world may never know. Ahaha.

Now, this my friends is just, IT. Look at this suit. Do you see this suit? How the designer color coordinated down to THE. TEE. This is what I like. Which one of you can pull this off? Raise both of your hands.

Maroon Doom. This dress is so sleek and would give the right lady the greatest amount of appeal there is. If only you could see it in person.
I added a small design sample on the side to show you how I would style this bad boy. Ehh, it may be a little shabby because it was my first time, but it will do for right now.


“I like the way you move. Dunt, dunt, dunt. I like the way, I like..” Do you guys remember Fonzworth Bentley? The guy that was known for bringing his most famous vogue and craze to some of hip-hop duo's Outkast videos. Well, once I saw these guys here painted by painter Ikire' Jones, he somehow appeared in my mind. It was like magic how I instantly thought of him. Whodini magic. 

So, it is best that we look to the South for all dramatic changes, that is in fashion, object and furniture design, illustration, and photography. 

Happy Reading,

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie- The Danger of a Single Story


  1. Yesssssssssss, I love it!!! I need to go check this museum out, I love learning new things, and opening up my mind to go beyond the surface, and just learning about the culture of Art and design of Africa is beautiful. I gotta write my next piece on this, poetry that is!!!!! Keep it up boo, I'm loving this!!!!

  2. Thanks love!! yes, definitely go and check it out and let me know what you come up with ;)


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