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You're Unhappy, but the benefits are good.. Should you stay?

You are awakened by an unusual feeling in the middle of the night. You roll over and realize he is not there. But the feeling is not new. You have been suffering from an unusual anxiety attack and you think the stress and the bizarre pressure is coming from you mentally thinking of all of the "What if's?"
What if he is working late tonight? But I don't know, it's 4 a.m., that's too late.
What if he's with the babymomma? No, can't be. I double-checked her Instagram page and she's out of town.
You stay up considering calling him or going to his office to make sure he's there. But you're so afraid of the call going to the voicemail that you're dialing the number and feeling an array of emotions as you're sent straight TO THE VOICEMAIL.

Just a week ago, none of this mattered. 

On your lunch break, you run down to Huff Furniture to see what's new in stock. The pieces are bomb, but the price tags are more than your biweekly paycheck's put together for the month. However, you weren't planning on paying for the furniture anyways because your "man" is a boss and there is nothing you can not have. *click, click*  You send the pictures of the sophisticated and comfortable Mona Lisa four-piece sectional that has seat cushions bolstered by loose back cushions, to him. He texts back, "Cool." Not caught-up in the simple jargon, butterflies fill your tummy and you leave. Two days later, you hear a loud knock at the door. You slang the door open getting ready to give whomever it is a piece of your mind, but it is him. The beautiful, long-stemmed, red roses caught your eye and your mind instantly went blank. He lifts you up and gives you a long intense, entwined, kiss. I see the furniture was delivered. You, ignoring the fact that he has not been home in two days, "Yes baby. I love you. Thanks!!"

He goes into the bedroom and turn his phone completely off. As you notice this, you could not hold back, so you yell out, "Why in the hell are you turning off your phone?" And how come it takes you forever to return my calls and/or text me back, but you have been holding the damn thing in your hand since you got here?" He is unmoved, uninterested, and unbothered. "You tripping."

You storm out. Before you knew it, the tears broke free. The rest followed in an unbroken stream that pronounced the force of the gusts and winds known to happen during a hurricane. You sat down in an unmounted position. You have it all. The penthouse over looking one of busiest cities in the country: New York, the AMG S550 Benz, the Christian Louboutin high-heels, enough clothes to fill up three closets completely, but somehow you're empty.

And it's all because of him.... 

What should she do?
Will she leave?

Segment will be continued in two weeks,
Stay tuned!!


  1. Girl I thought I was reading Sista Soulja for a minute here..... her behind definitely need to leave hell. Can’t wait for the next one in two weeks boo. Keep at it I enjoy your blog. Thanks to subscribing and supporting me

    1. ahhh, that’s great to know.. lol... We’ll have to wait and see!!!
      anytime; Thanks for your continued support as well!!!!

  2. He ain’t there OK? go out have fun meet someone else.. he has.. but she’s STILL his priority. She’s part of the reason he grinds...

    1. I hear you. Haha! Him is NOT being there is a major problem for me... but why stay if you’re not happy. She works so she should be able to foot the bill on her own.

      She’s the reason he grinds, but that still gives him the leeway to do what he wants because he feel like he can...

    2. Lil mama gone have to move out that penthouse though WE WANT THE PENTHOUSE lol!!

  3. Sis idk now dis one a little tricky
    I think she should tell him how she feel
    If he stayin out & not comin home then he probably feel like since he buy ha everything that he can do dat

    U had me hooked den it ended
    I’m done wit u LMAAAAOOO

    1. Right!!! Maybe she should. But the question is, will she do it honey?

  4. Let me find out you need to be out publishing a series of books tho lol . This is a good lil story ..... hmmmm now what should my girl do . Depends , if she deep in love she gotta tell him , how she feels or her thoughts are gonna eat her up . If she’s at that fed up point she could just keep getting the benefits and do her too . Can’t wait for the next part to see where you take this !!!

    1. Yes sis!! Lol, I hear you. Thank you! ❤️


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