I know you’re wondering why in the highest heavens have this woman named her infamous blogsite, “The I.G.B Blog?” What is that? Is this a place? Or maybe it’s quite simple, “a person, Who is that?” I can answer those array of questions, right here, right now.


                This blog is named after Me, if your first language is English. Yo, if you’re Hispanic. Wo, if you’re of the Chinese descent. Me, hoe, if you’re just downright ratchet and ghetto. But, let me reiterate, this a no judgment zone though, sis.


My name is Iman G. Bass, the G stands for gorgeous, lol. I’m playing, it doesn’t. But, in a nutshell, everything I aspire to do in life, will have I.G.B. attached to it. It’s like the powerhouse behind the brand that I am constructing from the ground up. Why? I believe in myself just that much. I thought of this brilliant idea a couple years ago, when I was drafting ideas for my nonprofit organization, “The I.G.B. Project, Inc.”


 Even though I didn’t fully dedicate myself 100% nor invest enough time into the organization, it was still the root to which this beautiful flower bloomed. I never thought I would be sitting here with pen and paper, that’s how I translate my thoughts better, telling this amazing ass experience to all of you. Its mind bobbling. Weird, almost…


Any who, “The I.G.B. Project, Inc.” would’ve consisted of four inner-city, unprivileged girls that I wanted to teach the in’s and out’s, the up’s and down’s, and the ropes of life. We would have possibly went on to chat about school, of course, their dreams and aspirations, even the birds and the bee’s. Things were up, but quickly went south because to really run the nonprofit organization how I wanted to, I needed the time, money, and dedication, which just wasn’t there at the time. Plus, I was at least 21 years young, so I wasn't really moved by much,  but my college courses, clothes, designing, and my boyfriend. Probably was just my boyfriend though. Hahahaha.  


                But this is me. A gain for me. No sugar-coating. Just all facts, and I'll bend the truth every now and then, but don’t we all. I'm blessed to have the opportunity and platform to live my dreams, selectively, in the order that I choose. Hopefully, when you read one of these post, you are never left hungry, yet wanting more. I wanted to give you a slight background check because it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t. So tag alone; go get your sister, brothers, the neighbors down yonder, the cats, dogs, whoever, whatever, I don’t mind. Please, tell them, we are just getting started. It’s a movement, a stance for girl power, and a bus that just keep on ticking.


I’ll be back soon,