Part 3: "What in the hell is going on?"

“You can either take this advice and leave my husband alone, or every time you blink, bathe, drive down the street, or look at him, you will see me you gold-digging bitch. Now, have a nice day, while you’re at it, go up and tell my husband his wife said, “Hi.” She winked and made her exit through the roundabout door with a vengeance; leaving Abigail speechless. At that point, the words that she was always so anxious to speak, failed her...”


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 Abigail was stuck. She thought to herself, “What in the hell is going on?” “What in the hell just happened?” As she stood in the lobby of her penthouse, her mind began to wander. Pressing firmly and repeatedly on the elevator signal button, she was so angry that she could have run up 75 flights of stairs, but she wasn’t that stupid. Lol. As she patiently waited, the world started to shift. Her hands started to shake intensely and she could see the doors of the elevators continuously opening and closing. She was falling. Her sporty Donatella Versace leather jacket was screeching as she slid down the wall. The only energy she could fathom up within her last breath was to quietly scream “Help,” all while her eyes closed.

Get her into surgery, immediately. She did not have any form of identification in her pockets, so label her as Jane Doe. Dr. Woe will be her surgeon and he’s in ICU on the sixth floor. Medics gave her an IV in the ambulance, but couldn’t revive her. Her systolic pressure is 125 over 81. I’ll be up shortly…

 As Ryan was awakened by sirens, he realized Abby was not in bed. As he yelled her name time and time again, he was still unmoved and didn’t feel like getting out of bed to go and see if she was ignoring him or had her headphones in listening to music. Where in the hell she at, he thought as he grabbed his cell phone off of the nightstand to call her. “The mobile number you have dialed is unavailable at this time, please try your call again later.” “Abby,” he yells as he gets up from bed to go and check the living room. Still no sign of her. His conscious got eerie because he knew something was wrong.  This wasn’t like her. She’d call him every time she left the house no matter where she was going.

ring, ring, ring. You have a call from 347-562-1943” As Ryan declines the call, he hops in the shower to start his day. The lights started to flicker, but he knew it was Abby playing a trick on him, so he paid it no mind. He got out of the shower with a slight grin to show her that he wasn’t bothered by her jokes that she frequently played on him.
How are you?” He heard from the bedroom.
The voice was familiar but it wasn’t Abigail.  As he looped his head around the bathroom door, it was Destiny, his wife. As she sat casually on the bed, her feet dangling halfway off, she gave him a blank stare…

D: How does this feel? You marry me, impregnate me, and when I can no longer continue those
sexual favors that you fen for, you go and get another bitch. You didn’t expect to see me in your sidepiece house did you?

R: Watch your mouth…
D: I don’t understand your lowdown dirty ass. When you were busted for selling drugs, I was there. When the Feds took everything you owned, I was there. When you thought that you were HIV positive, I was there. On March 19th and 21st 2015 when your mother and grandma died two days apart, I was there. “I WAS THERE YOU SON OF A BITCH.”
D: Abigail was too, Ryan replies bluntly.

Destiny screams abruptly as she grabs one of Abigail’s fine China’s and shattered it on the mirrored-marble bedroom floor.

"Where’s Abigail?" Ryan asks unmoved by her antics.
Since she’s so important, Destiny said, crying, go find her.

She exited the bedroom, with him in tow. She stopped amidst her steps and in a flash, she pulled out her Smith and Wesson Magnum, firing three shots with her 350 JHP bullets exceeding nearly 2000 fps.
The sound of glass shattering, the television exploding, and both the outdoor sirens and strobe sirens now going off, Ryan tackles her to floor, apprehends her, and fights to get the gun out of her possession. Destiny lets off a long and painful grunt. “It hurts. It hurts. The baby is coming.” Snapping back into reality, he lifts up off of Destiny to spot blood. She was bleeding and very intensely. Ryan started to panic. He didn’t have to call the police because by the time he was on his feet, they were entering the penthouse with AK 47’s around drawn.

“On the ground. On the ground, they chanted.”
"Call an ambulance. She’s about to have my baby."  

As the police are putting Ryan in handcuffs, Destiny is being carried out on a stretcher crying mournfully. The situation is now under control and he is arrested by police. They explain to him that since he fired shots within a close range of another person and an unborn fetus, he would have to sit in jail the entire weekend and await Monday morning to see a judge. Even though Ryan knew he hadn’t fired a shot, he couldn’t let her go down like that; it just wasn’t in his blood.

In the process of him being put in the back of the police car, Ryan spots Abigail mother running for dear life. She was trying to get to him, but the scene was blocked off by caution tape. He begged and pleaded with the officer to speak to the pale-faced women, who was gasping for air, and the officer finally gave in.

She came over, having to stand within four feet, meant that she had to technically scream whatever it was she had to tell him, and little did he know, what she was about to say, would change his life forever…..

stay tuned for Part 4 of this segment in two weeks! Things are getting serious... 

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