FAITH; The Above and Beyond!


This is just a guide. A guide for all of my 2018 and beyond #girlbosses. A guide for all of my men that need a little inspirational revelation and so forth.

What is faith?

/ fāTH/

1.       complete trust or confidence in someone or something.
2.      strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof.

Since this is my first post of 2018, let me rewind 2017 back for you and give you a gist of why and how that year kicked my behind. First off, I am one of those people that rely heavily on someone else. Not another human being, but a higher power. But let’s not get this confused; there are many of us in this tiny universe that believe in something and/or someone else also. That’s being Hindu, Muslim, Chinese, Judaist, Atheist, etc. You are welcomed into my circle, also. This is for you, we are one.

                Back on track, 2017 was the most self-evolving, self-loving, self-esteem, energy-channeling year of my life. I went into the year writing down all of the situations and issues that I wanted to change or better, for the sake of saving myself. Ehh, it was a hit and miss. Did I completely lose myself? No. But I learned some of the hardest, consistent, and ruthless truths. They were lessons that I knew all along, just never paid attention to.

1.       Never dim your light to let someone else shine.

2.       A man is only a man if he possesses the characteristics of a man. Not based off of how he looks, what he drives, or where he leaves. Look far and beyond materialistic possessions in 2018.

3.       I learned that not everyone that roots for is for U. Let them pretend. If they’ll act like they are for you for the sake of face value, then so be it. The ones that smile in your face are the first ones to talk behind your back.

4.       There’s no such thing as RE-trusting someone again. If they showed you who they were the first time, believe them. If you fell on hard times, or had a limited amount of spending money before your next paycheck and they gave you their ass to kiss, that’s who they are. Rid yourself of them.

5.       You’ll gain more standing alone than you would with an envious friend. Friends don’t compete. Friends aren’t jealous of one another. Some friends do suffer from ego and pride issues, but if you have a friend whose pride is bigger than this tiny universe, that is not your friend.

6.       The universe gives you what you give it. Simple.

7.       Never let anyone tell you you are not good enough. Have faith in yourself even if you are all you have.

8.       When your back is against the wall, it is okay to cry, but don’t wail nor suffer to create misery. Being stress-free is healthy. This year, we are promoting healthy living. PERIODT.

There’s no way around that. That is what I know.
How did I apply FAITH though? I was propelled to balance all of the negatives with the positives.


1.       the practice of being or tendency to be positive or optimistic in attitude.
2.       the presence rather than absence of a certain substance, condition, or feature.

The substance that I bet my last dollar on, was already in me. God had already transfused it within me. I had to put my best foot forward at all times to see the results I was expecting.

See, what I learned about having “faith” was rocket science simple. I can only get out what I put in. I could only be treated the way I treated people. It was oddly comedic when I learned everything was being reciprocated right back down to ME.

I will not give you some how-to instructional manual on how to kick-2018’s behind, because I am honestly still learning myself. What I will tell you is that you can do it. Nothing is too hard for you to get through. When the enemy comes, God comes harder. That joy, comfort, happiness, that you look for in a man is instilled within you. Stop putting your all into a man that injects nothing into you, and for my men, a woman.

Things may not have concluded the way you hoped last year, but break the cycle and try something new. New is refreshing. If that job is dead-end and carries too many negative bearings, find a better one. Represent what represents you and do it well. However, I will add that if the word faith is too religiously connected for you, then try BELIEVING.

I wish success and prosperity upon you this New Year! To 2018,


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