girl look @ that bawdyyy!!

 cause I'm going into Summer 18' with a bang!

cause I'm going into Summer 18' with a bang!

So, we all know that in order to have a great, diligent, active, preserving workout, we have to have a bomb playlist to go along with. I don’t know about you, but music soothes me. Some days it’s like my escape from the ordinary to the unknown. There are different types of motivations in this world. Many of us look for motivation through words, art, or in many instances, other people, but mine just happens to be lyrics that are comprised into verses that are sung or rapped by dope artists.

In order to reach my peek and/or my fullest potential while working out, I have to be able to listen to music or podcasts that are influential, inspirational, or educative, in a sense. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have to have my ratchet music too. There’s nothing like feeling yourself in the process of developing your mind and body.

My playlist is very liberal yet satisfying… Lol!

spotify playlist.png

I have ‘21’ songs on my playlist because I am doing a short ‘21’ day challenge to keep my mind, body, and soul on one accord.

It’s comprised of pop-artists like Bruno Mars featuring his hit single 24K Magic, and Hip Hop artists like Future, Tupac, and Dave East.

*oh and btw, I went to East’s concert this past weekend and it was off the chain… here’s what I wore to the concert and the after party*


To continue, you always need a little encouragement and Andra Day’s, “Rise Up” always come through when I’m not fully reaching my momentum.

rise up.jpeg

To shine the spotlight on this week’s musical talent,

I would like to introduce to you D. Nation. Being 22 years old and singing the way he sang, yes sang, you’ll see why he gets me through my workouts, also. D. has worked hand in hand with some the most talented producers and songwriters in the industry. He demystifies a charisma that is like no other. Being a native of Atlanta, GA, it’s inevitable that his passion and dedication for his craft is an important component of empowerment while inspiring. Being inspired by musical geniuses such as: Young Thug and Nicki Minaj, he projects his energy to being a man of virtue and simplicity. It was with great honor and privilege that I had the chance to interview D. Nation to find out some of his many inspirations..


What inspires you?
D. Nation:
"The feeling of turning my dreams into reality. Most people say they do it for their families, but I REALLY do this for my family."

What are some of your goals for your music?
D. Nation:
 "Music is my escape place! It’s 2nd nature to me and I’ve always thought of singing or making music. Not necessarily as a career, but it became apart of who I was."

Why is the song “Don’t Forget” special to you?
D. Nation: “Don’t Forget” and I have a love/hate relationship. Haha! That was my first professionally recorded song. I bought the beat from (OSYM BEATS), a fire producer based out of LA. We wrote the verse and hooks and went to the studio and recorded it. With that, I wanted to test the waters of music, you know, see the feedback."

Who is your biggest musical inspiration and why?
D. Nation: "Nicki Minaj. A lot of people look at me crazy when I say this, but it’s as simple as this. Before the money, way before Lil Wayne signed her, EVERYTHING that this woman said she would do came to path. I don’t care about the money; she’s made for music. I care about what she did with the money made from her music."

Be sure to check out Atlanta’s up and coming singer D. Nation on Soundcloud.

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Let's chat!! What’s on your workout playlist?

xoxo, Iman!

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