How to Combat Mental illness!


How to combat mental illness?

I titled this blog post, “How to combat mental illness?” As I thought about it, the wording of it is all wrong. Is there truly a way to combat mental illness? Does one know they consume the affliction and is in denial about the fact? What are the factors that trigger mentally ill beings? Is it stress, depression, or something more serious such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder?

Honestly, I do not think that I can scratch the surface with knowing half of the answers to those questions. There was a time, I had a friend. Me and this girl were oddly close and we knew almost everything about one another. I would know her problems, her insecurities, relationship drama, etc. We would talk like normal girlfriends, on the phone for hours- every other day, but texted throughout the day every day.
To make a long story short, she was in a relationship. Her and the guy were dating off and on for about four years and they went through chronic relationship drama just like the rest of us do, at times. She would cause a lot of damage to his belongings, items of significant value that he owned, even HERSELF, every single time, because she would let her anger get the best of her.

Now, she would call me whenever an argument or a fight between them would go down, but I never stopped to think that something could be wrong with her, mentally. To continue, it was one sunny, humid, July afternoon, and she called me; this time it was to tell me that she was being emitted into the hospital. It wasn’t until the next morning that doctors told us the news that she suffered from bipolar disorder.

I said all of that to say this, watch your actions and the actions of those around you.

Oftentimes, we let the stresses from relationships, our surroundings, jobs, parents, and/or friends, get the best of us. Instead of talking about the problems that we are facing and getting situations off of our chest, we hold it in forever until, eventually, one day it comes out in the worse way. Am I here to condemn the way you handle your problems as wrong? No. But I am here to tell you to talk about it. Let it out. We, as human beings, have become subject to being and acting as if we’re “emotionless.” Mental illness is a stigma that stems from other co-dependents such as: depression, genetics, environmental factors, etc. There should never be a time where you feel ashamed for something that you cannot control. If you are carrying baggage from your past over your shoulders year after year, then it will eventually damage you so much, in so many different ways, that you will get used to bearing the drama of/from others.

Even though there are many people that suffer from stress, anxiety, depression, and don’t know it, we should always show comfort and sincerity. It is necessary. Don’t let everything drown you, keep swimming. I know a lot is often better said than done, but say it with me, “I am in control.” Again, “I am in control.” You may be stressing or depressed because you feel like you can never get to the light that’s at the end of the tunnel, but if it was that easy, then what would be the barriers that create the strengths within us?

With decency I will close to say, in many communities’ mental illness has become very dominant. Young men, beautiful women, fall subject to their minds. Instead of them doing the controlling, their minds control them.  Take a stand for yourself today and just breathe. Allow yourself time to think clearly and coherently before making critical decisions. If a relationship is hindering you, find ways to maneuver away from him or her. You can do it. We can do it. Together.

“You are in control,”