Storytime Part 4: "Illuminati.."


In the process of him being put in the back of the police car, Ryan spots Abigail mother running for dear life. She was trying to get to him, but the scene was blocked off by caution tape. He begged and pleaded with the officer to speak to the pale-faced women, who was gasping for air, and the officer finally gave in. 
She came over, having to stand within four feet, meant that she had to technically scream whatever it was she had to tell him, and little did he know, what she was about to say, would change his life forever…..

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It felt like the darkest hour ever for Ryan. His world had seemingly fell apart in every bit of a forty-five minute to an hour window. The butterflies in his stomach were creating gasps that lead to the nervousness that triggered the trembles of his hands. He was trembling, shaking outrageously, and the sweat that dripped in between the spaces that separated his fingers activated an array of emotions that he knew far too well.

While Ryan was being booked into Lincoln Correctional Facility, off the 31st block of 110th St., he noticed a familiar face when he was thrown abruptly into a holding cell block.
The men in the room starred him down like he was a scum of the earth. Keeping his composure, Ryan went to sit in an empty spot on a metal bench that looked to be nailed into the ground, in the same spot, for nearly twenty years. It had been carved in by inmates with gang symbols, slang, neighborhoods that many rep'ed to the death of them, and bible verses.

Fast-forward for a second…

Abigail is reeled into Room 3 on the 6th floor of the Intensive Care Unit. Seven men of Arabian descent came from different locations of the hospital and followed suit. They posed as Doctors, Policemen, Physicians, Pharmacists, and one, a Janitor. The red headed woman that impersonated her mother at the crime scene, guarded the door. Needless-to-say, Abby seemed to be out of it.
As she heard the “Lead Doctor” politely ask the nurse to leave the room, she opened her eyes very slowly, examining the group of men in the room swiftly. “Muhammad,” she initiates, and he moves expeditiously to remove all tubes, IV’s and breathing treatments from parts of her body.

She arose, patting down her messy, bed-like hair and closed her opened robe that exposed the most venerable parts of her body. “Is the job done?” She inquired from the group of men with a puzzled look on her face. “No,” Muhammed, the head of the Mobb, reacted. As she dropped her head in despair, Muhammed walked over and lifted her chin so that her eyes were directly on him. The fire and anger in his eyes frightened Abby and as much as she wanted to cry, she knew he didn’t like punks, so she feared not.

You had one job,” Muhammed said, “You were supposed to kill him, not fall in love with that motherfucker.”

I am not in love with him. The timing just wasn’t right. I gave you the key that I copied to the Penthouse and I thought you were going to send the guys in to get the job done while he was asleep.”  Abby said.

I want you to do it. This is your job. You cannot be sworn-in into the society until I know and the board knows for sure, you have blood on your hands.” Muhammed shot back.

Abby replied, “I’ll have it done before the week is out.”

I want him in hell, not jail. If we have to converse about this again, it’ll be you.” Muhammed said as he exited the hospital room followed by the six men army that was not armed, but Abby knew they played no games. Every vessel that pumped blood through her body knew he was a man of his word and he meant every word he said.

As she slipped on her oversized Gucci sunglasses and made her exit out of the hospital, an eerie feeling overcame her.  
She loved Ryan so much that it was nearly impossible for her to kill him. She longed for his love because it was the greatest love she’d ever avowed. It felt like her world was a big bubble of suffocation. The harder she tried to exhale, she inhaled the same feelings, emotions, and problems back in. There was, what seemed like, no escape.

Karen pulled up in front of the emergency room to pick up her best friend as she had been instructed to by the Mobb. Abby and Karen has been friends for ten years and counting. She knew she couldn’t stomach the fact of putting a bullet though Ryan’s brain, so she hired her BFF to do the dirty work for her.
The original deal was for Abby to pay Karen $50,000 for getting the job done. They planned the ordeal for six months and since the three had engaged in many sexual activities together, it would be easy for them to pull it off. Since Abby didn’t know that Karen held a deep dark secret, that could potentially tear their friendship apart, she put the game plan together simultaneously. Karen held some buried-feelings for Ryan, some that she couldn’t quite understand. But Abby being her bitch for life, she had to keep those feelings under wraps. Her red-candy coated, Audi R8-Spyder, bumping Migos, “Bad and Boujee,” shifted gears as they headed down Interstate X to handle unfinished business.   

Ryan Abbar,” the guard shouted loudly through the barred gate, “bring your ass on, you’re out of here.”

Ryan thought he had heard Allah accept him into the kingdom after all of the sins he had committed were forgiven. He was so excited, but his stern demeanor showcased otherwise. He had not called anyone in jail, so who could have bailed him out? He was anxious to see.

Abigail was so anxious to see her man. It seemed like those were the longest 24-hours of her life. As he exited the gate, you would’ve thought Abby was Usain Bolt the way she took off. She hopped up on him and hugged him so tightly and securely. They tongued each other down like they had just tied the knot.
Karen watched in envy.  She had only wished it was her. She knew that she could fill Abby’s shoes and make Ryan love her more. She didn’t kill Ryan on purpose. Every day she wondered could Ryan be the father of her unborn child. Karen would sit down for hours at a time, a day trying to complete the time table and make the dates add up. Their last threesome was February 15, 2017, and they would also fuck on the side without Abby knowing, which made her want to nearly force those dates to coincide with her due-date, November 7, 2017. Her current estranged boyfriend could possibly be the father, also. She knows that the fact of the matter could be detrimental to Abby, but it would make her the happiest she’d ever been.

As they made their way back to the car, Ryan noticed a red-beam in the middle of Karen’s forehead. He yelled, “Duck,” and just like that she….


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