Will U Be Mine?

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To start, Valentine’s Day is on the way and I am here at this very hour to help my brothers, and sisters develop a strategic and creative plan to make their special someone feel extremely “peculiar” on the sweetest day. I actually don’t know how the day goes for men. There are so many rules that I cannot seem to keep up. Many might say that the day is strictly for the ladies, while others think men should get something light if they are deserving of it.  

I have composed a small list of gift ideas for him/her. There should be no excuses because you have 13 days left to find something nice.


(For H I M /H E R)

First on the list, we have an Apple IPad, a Series 3 Apple Watch and a MacBook Pro (not pictured). Your significant other will love anything Apple, because I do. Lol. If they are big fans of the brand, it could help them to be more diligent when working from home, on-the-go, and while handling major business.



(For H E R):

Kim Kardashian just launched the cutest Valentine’s Day fragrances. They are named: BFF, Ride or Die, and Bae. This gift would be ideal to give to your BFF, lover, and you can even grab one for yourself. The distinct scents are said to smell like wild berries, vanilla, and ones a fruity blend. Her scents always smell great and are long-lasting.


(For H E R):

Pandora is always a gift of expression. No matter the holiday. The 2018 Pandora charm Valentine's Day bracelet with various pendants, is very pleasant. Not only can you add to the bracelet over time, but it’s also a sentimental gift that she’d hold on to forever.


 (For  H I M):

These colognes are some of my favorite scents for men. Not only do they carry a nice smell, they are also very distinguishing!


and the new Apple HomePod, smart Wi-Fi speaker, which is set to release on February 9th!


(For H E R):

If she's a makeup lover, Anastasia Beverly Hills has a collaboration dropping on Valentine's Day with Amra Olevic. Fellas, if you have no idea who these people are or what this brand is, I guarantee you she will.  Thank me lata!

 ABH x Amrezy!

ABH x Amrezy!

& of course, if he's deserving he'd probably love a night like this!

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Are you expecting anything for VDay? If so, what's on your list?