Life's Not Perfect, but My Hair Is..


Hey y’all! I’m back and today I’m here to give you some simple, yet basic instructions on how to apply your wigs and slay to the gawds. No seriously. So, last week I received a couple of DM’s on Instagram, btw follow ya girl @mondelarosa__, about who does my hair and what tools I use to keep my curls so intact. NEWSFLASH: issa wig. I took liking into wearing wigs because I love to change my hair and lets not mention, I change it so much. So, when I want to try a new color or cut, I try it out with a wig first. Now, lets not get this confused. They can be costly. But I’d rather spend $50 on a synthetic wig before I color my $500 Indian extensions and I don’t like it. Lol.

Wigs can range from $25 to as high as $800 especially if someone like Alonzo Arnold is creating them for you. However, today we aren’t spending that much. I am sporting the Freetress-Equal Freedom Part Wig in the style, Freedom Part 103. You can shift her and wear to a left, right, or middle parting, (which I’m wearing.) She is curling iron safe up to 400 degrees and costs only $40. That’s right, forty-dollars. The color I am wearing is OT27 and I love the versatility in this wig.

Now, I will show you the products and simple steps I use to install this bad girl.

You will need some bonding glue and/or tape. To clear all confusion, it is not good to use Got2B glue on a synthetic wig. Why? It’ll last longer if you don’t use glue. Two, it’s not a frontal so it does not require as much maintenance.

Before the styling or anything of that matter takes place, I have to pluck the part for a more natural look. The best way to do this technique is with tweezers.


#TapePlacementMatters. Tape placement matters because I like for my wigs to look flat and flawless like my sew-ins. If it’s big and standing up off of your head, then you should tighten the straps in the back. That’s another way to make it flatten.


Once you have tightened your straps, place your tape in the three prime locations (as shown above). Now, we are moving on up, to the edges. I use a combination of Gorilla Snot and 48-Hour Edge Control to get the sleek results I want. I let them bake for a while, and grab my Camouflage Concealer Palette from Coastal Scents and I lightly dab the shade closet to my skin complexion on the parting. Don’t be extremely heavy with the concealer because you don’t want it too noticeable.

 Forgive my messy palette. I only use it for my hair now!

Forgive my messy palette. I only use it for my hair now!


And just like that… we’re done.


Wigs are a great protective style. Underneath, I am wearing cornrows and a stocking cap. It's that simple. Hopefully, yours turn-out bomb also. Be sure to tag or email me your looks.

Here are some looks for you to rock with this wig style!