Would U Wear All-White in the Winter?

If you are like me, you have participated in some sort of superstitious activity, unknowingly. Oftentimes, it is passed down generationally and we take on the role without knowing why, how, or when the ritual or belief came about. To go more in depth with you, our irrational ways of thinking as humans, sometimes, causes us to enter a dimension of excessive thinking, worrying, and over-analyzation. Sad to say, psychologists have linked having a superstitious mind to being, lazy, wanting to feel in control, and undisciplined behavior. Lol. (that’s just the way I summarized the book I read.)

Let’s see how many of these superstitious statements can you answer Yes or No to? That maybe you once or still believe in...

  1. Wearing all-white or white period after Labor Day is BAD LUCK?
  2. Do you believe that Friday the 13th is a day of BAD LUCK?
  3. What about if you break a mirror you will encounter up to 13 years of BAD LUCK?
  4. If you open an umbrella inside the house, that’s BAD LUCK?
  5. Or if you say something like, “I’ve never gotten a speeding ticket before,” and you knock twice on wood to reverse the BAD LUCK?
  6. If you have an itchy palm, that’s a sign of GOOD LUCK and that you’re about to receive some money?

I think I may have once believed in 75% of these superstitions! But now that I concentrate more on the fact of the matter, where did I learn these assumptions? In how much of a contribution did it frame my intuition? Habitually, I find myself participating in these activities because it’s in the favor of my family, the environment in which I was raised, and within my community.

Being superstitious is not a bad thing, but I do believe that wearing white after Labor Day is ok. Many of you may disagree, but I do not believe that there are any rules in the fashion industry. If it’s your style then, wear whatever you want, whenever you want, and be comfortable with it.

Get the look!


I am wearing:

Top Shop white-tailored trousers.
A white collared shirt from H&M.
My jean-studded choker is from Walmart.
Single-strapped blue jean sandals from Aldo.


Would you sport an all-white look in during this season? Do you believe in the superstition?
Let’s chat below!


Xoxo, Iman!