About 1000 Words & 1 Pic...

Ladies, let’s talk...
Faith, Belief, and Beyond!

"FAITH & BELIEF" are two of the keywords that I utilize in almost every weekly journal I write because in Arabic, it’s what my name,‘I M A N” means. I used to have a hard time figuring out what was for me and what wasn’t. I would continuously make excuses for people and put up with their antics just to be disappointed every time.

So, tonight, on every instance and basis there is, I will touch on four pointers to give you insight on how and why I deal with things and people the way I do. At some point, you have to be an adult about certain conditions and situations, no matter how much of a benefit they are to you or how much of a favor you try to give. I’ve learned that I can only give what I have of me. I cannot force. I cannot coincide. I cannot fake. I cannot water down who I am and what it is I stand for. My attitude and approaches are solely who I am, I admit. But what I have come to realize and I want you to learn is that, “you should always allow yourself room to grow.” When the weed (YOU), is having a hard time growing, sprout the best way possible. When the poet (YOU), can’t find the words to say, speak anyways and with diligence. When the underdog (YOU), is starting from the bottom, climbing up the ladder, but can’t seem to spot the light, keep climbing. Why am I telling you this sister? Because the way I have reformed my mind to believe that whatever it is I want out of life, I can have; you can too.

P O I N T E R S:

1. ❤ When you can’t seem to become inspired, you should willingly become your own inspiration. ❤

Tap into you. Don’t give up on yourself because you feel like someone else is doing something that you want to do. Who are you? Not them. There are so many different avenues to go about so many contrastive things. Stop looking at what’s going on in the environment around you and buckle down so that you can get to that next level in life. Never loosen your grip. It’s been said that if you constructively write down and knock out your goals one-by-one, no chronological order, then you’ll see the results of your hard work more precisely.

2. ❤ If he’s worthy, there will be no second-guessing. ❤

#LeaveUnworthyMen2018. Stop trying to fit him into you. If he is a man of class, decency, honesty, and stature, he would fit you into him. A man should always be the head. Never bow nor tilt your crown for any man less than a KING. See sister, this is how you will know if he is the “one.” He will always put you first. Your voice will always be heard and accommodated by. He will never put you in a situation that he wouldn’t want to be in himself. I’ve told myself that if he is baneful then it definitely won’t be beneficial. But what I want you to do in hopes of moving on from a loser and finding the one you can talk to the universe about, is to continue to work on yourself (and not just physically, lol) in all aspects, make sure your bag stays secured, and to not rush anything in anticipation of it becoming something it’s not meant to be.  

3. ❤ Family is adjacent to water, just as much as loyalty is parallel to disloyalty. ❤

Let’s take everything into perspective. Everything I love, I protect. There comes a time when you have to feed everyone and I mean everyone, that means you no good, from a long handled spoon. Did I discover the depths of who I am from the disloyalty of those closest to me? No. I’m going to tell you this, never hover around baggage nor anger. Let it go. If it is not meant to concede, no matter how hard you try, it won’t. Value the idea of inclusion. Try the best you can to get to the lowermost part of the problem because it is better to make alliances vs. enemies. But if family or the ones closest to you aren’t rooting for you when you are not at your peak, then you do not need them. Be cordial when necessary.  

4. ❤ What you feed yourself, is what you’ll shit out. ❤

Shit out greatness. Gravitate towards the vibes and frequencies that you wish to give out so that those vibes are reversed.  Be patient. With the people you choose to love, make sure they’re feeding you just as much as they require you to feed them. Not only that, take care of your health and what your body is consuming. Either way you look at it, no toxicity.

Now, I’m the most beautiful butterfly, in my universe, that I know.


I was a prisoner of my own mind. I would think hard and consistently about my future, but took no action towards creating the life I wanted to live. I would always daydream about what was to come, good and bad, and that put a dent in my self-esteem more than it helped. But in the end, I am a warrior that keeps fighting through adversity and calamity. I have discovered, but not fully tapped into, how to manifest the love, career, and the happy I want. Beauty is the icing on the cake, not the whole cake. K? Your mind and your soul are hand-and-hand, so lets get them together first.

Thought to end the night ladies:
"If you wait until you've got all of your ducks in a row, you'll never cross the street.
Sometimes you have to gather up what you've got and make a run for it."

Signed a damsel in distress, but a work of art,