Dry? Itchy? Irritated? Let's Treat This Dry Skin!

Skin Dry due to inflammation, irritation, and itching?

I can sense your frustration just as much as I hope you feel mine. The comedic thing about this is the fact that I experience these same frustrating symptoms. It goes a little something like this; if I wash my clothing and/or bed spreads with the wrong laundry detergent, unevenness. If I drink more than three sodas a week, unevenness and dry spotting. Skin sensitive as hell, right? Due to the fact that the season is slowly migrating into spring, I hate it. Love the weather, hate the pollen. Only “I” can tolerate my skin, lol. I know exactly what is wrong once I see light spots, sort of resembling acne. I have to “play” forensic investigator and go back to trace my footsteps, hypothetically speaking, to see exactly what was it that caused the mild irritation. Yes, I have my days where my skin is as clear as water, then, some days not so extravagant days.

So, what are some of my remedies? What do I do to fix the problems that I often have with my skin? Take a seat and jot down these counteractants.

Aloe Vera! Listen. Listen to me carefully and precisely. This plant is THE holy grail. It does not smell like roses nor your favorite scented perfume, but it works miracles. I usually purchase two at a time from Publix for $6. You can either cut the plant in half, (within pieces, two will last you awhile), and apply it to your light spots or you can make Aloe Vera Facial Gel and refrigerate it for about a week. The antioxidant properties within the Aloe Vera aids in healing.

aloe vera.jpeg

Gold Bond Eczema Relief lotion. I am giving all of my secrets to you because they are legit and are a guaranteed HIT never a miss. Lets talk…
Even though my dermatologist has not ruled out eczema in my case, I still treat it as such. I have never experienced itchiness, but this lotion evens my skin. It makes my skin clear and soft.

gold bond.jpeg

In most makeup cases, I use Tarte- Drink of H20 moisturizer, Smashbox’s Photo Finish primer, and MAC Pro-Longwear moisturizer. Smashbox being my favorite at the moment. My skin has to be able to breathe and be flawless, at the same time, throughout the day. These patented formulas blend and helps to minimize moisture loss.


In many instances, the proof is in the pudding. Here are some examples of me using the products listed above to achieve a natural look and an irreproachable beat face. These pictures are over the course of six months. Take a look….

tongue out.jpeg

No, it is not easy trying to tackle dry skin due to any little thing causing a flare up. However, here is a simple gem, "Never sleep in makeup." I do not care how on fleek those brows are or how your eye shadow was blended to perfection. No just no!


In the end, everything always works out in my good. Even though many people are embarrassed by their dry skin, I'm not. Mine is tamable and it has made me comfortable with who I am.
 What are some of your imperfections and what remedies do you use to combat them?


As always, be back soon,