MonNAY vs. MonYAY (ABH x Amrezy)


ABH x Amrezy

Today, I will review the highly-anticipated Anastasia Beverly Hills collaboration with Amra “Amrezy” Olevic’. Now, if you so happen to follow the beauty guru on Instagram (@Amrezy), you will definitely realize with a quickness that she is, undoubtedly, the Queen of Highlighting. Being that so many beauty gurus couldn’t wait to get their hands on this golden- compact, sheer, amazingness, will the formula receive a MonNAY (thumbs down) or a MonYAY (thumbs up) at the end of this review? Hmm, let's see.

Seeing the swatches on Instagram weeks prior to the release, hyped me. I was searching for a new highlighter that was as “extra and dramatic” as I am at times. Lol. ABH did their thing with this product. Not only is it extremely versatile, the packaging is aesthetically pleasing, also. How subtle or intense the coverage is depends solely on you. Usually, I am always a little on edge when shopping for highlighters, blushes, etc. because my skin is so sensitive. This highlighter is buildable and has absolutely no fallout. This product is worth every penny.



Rated: MonYAY

This one is for my beauty lovers, 
Iman! ♥