The Box of Crayons Makeup Palette Review!


Okay, so let’s see what all of this hype is about…

Controversial YouTube star Jeffree Star has given this palette the thumbs up. Miss Aaliyah Jay, YouTube beauty guru, has also agreed to the fact that this palette is one of a kind. So, of course I had to see the -worthiness for you guys. You all know I give my honest opinion and I never sugar-coat for the sake of face value with makeup companies. Being truthful gains you more respect in the long haul, anyways.

So, let’s just start at point A. Is this palette super pigmented as it proclaimed to be? GIRL, HELL YES! Super smooth and hella pigmented. The colors mirror a Crayola Crayon box.. You know, the ones we used in elementary school. So, I was anticipating, right along with you, to see if the colors were as rich or bright, and did they stand-out, or were they too loose? I mean everything. Being me, just extra. Lol.

I swatched the colors individually and was in awe. Ranging from mattes to metallic shadows, there is enough variety to create a dramatic or a subtler look. Even though I am not the bright eyeshadow type-chick, I’m going to enjoy these eyeshadow shades. Valuing at $30, the price is reasonable for the quality.


However, I will state this; if you do not have the right primer, the colors tend to fade quick. I tried the shadows both ways and I found it more useful with primer. The colors are easy to blend and I applied them with Morphe brushes and the application was easy-peezy. I don’t know exactly how this palette will work with lighter skin tones, but I’d love to see it.


The Crayon Case nailed it with this palette. It will be back in stock on April 15th. So, get you one and hashtag #igbbeauties so that I can see your finished looks. 

Bye for now,