Storytime Part 5: "Deceit.."


Abigail was so anxious to see her man. It seemed like those were the longest 24-hours of her life. As he exited the gate, you would’ve thought Abby was Usain Bolt the way she took off. She hopped up on him and hugged him so tightly and securely. They tongued each other down like they had just tied the knot.

Karen watched in envy.  She had only wished it was her. She knew that she could fill Abby’s shoes and make Ryan love her more. She didn’t kill Ryan on purpose. Every day she wondered could Ryan be the father of her unborn child. Karen would sit down for hours at a time, a day trying to complete the time table and make the dates add up. Their last threesome was February 15, 2017, and they would also fuck on the side without Abby knowing, which made her want to nearly force those dates to coincide with her due-date, November 7, 2017. Her current estranged boyfriend could possibly be the father, also. She knows that the fact of the matter could be detrimental to Abby, but it would make her the happiest she’d ever been.

As they made their way back to the car, Ryan noticed a red-beam in the middle of Karen’s forehead. He yelled, “Duck,” and just like that she….

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Karen ducked a second quicker than the bullet could go straight through her skull and end her. She begins to cry abruptly as Abigail and Ryan hurries, but cautiously, head over to the car to see if she is okay. As Ryan scans the jail’s parking lot, he notices an African American male, at least 6”1, dashing expeditiously through the wooded area behind the jail. He did not know what in the hell was going on, but he knew someone was out to get him and he didn’t know why. As Abby helps Karen from the car, she begins to vomit all over the place. She was so shaken up by what had just happened that she could not contain herself. Ryan stood from a far and watched how badly Karen vomited and couldn’t help but to deem that something more was going on with her. No one is throwing up that much from a freak accident. He shakes his head in annoyance to wipe those thoughts away because at this point, he has bigger fish to fry.

As Ryan and Abigail enters their penthouse, they notice the huge mess that had been made. When Ryan was arrested and Abby was rushed to the hospital, too much went on at once and they had no time to lock up the place. Abby had begun to act uncanny and this bothered him. At this point, he didn’t know what in the hell to think or what in the hell was going on in his life.

She jumped from a deep thought when she hears Ryan’s voice. “Yes bae?”
Somethings bothering you. What is it? Don’t lie to me.”
No, I’m ok. Just had a very long day. Plus, I missed you a whole lot.” She shot back.

The thought of Muhammad being on Abby’s ass about killing Ryan, frightened her. She loved him so much that she could not fathom the thought of losing him. He held her down when she moved to the States from Colombia with nothing. She wanted to cry, but that would defiantly send signals to Ryan that she was battling demons bigger than he could imagine. If it was Abigail’s choice, she would not join the secret society, but she wanted success and fame so that she never had to live a hard life again.

 Knock, knock.

It’s 11:00 at night, who the fuck is that? Ryan asks Abby, as she shrugs unknowingly.
He peeps through the peep hole with his Glock 40 loaded, and recognizes the face far too well. “So, who is it?” Abby whispers.
“Go in the bedroom Abby.”
NOW.” Ryan shouts with his voice filled with anger.

Ryan swings the door and instantly puts the gun to the man’s head, ready to kill him at any second.

Who in the hell are you looking for?” Ryan asks.
Karen.” The man replies nonchalantly.
You the nigga from the jail that I saw running through the woods. Am I correct?”
The man gives no reply.
You have five seconds to answer or I’ll be sending your remains to your mother. 1… 2…” Ryan says.

As Abigail eavesdrops from the bedroom, she recognizes the man’s voice. She creeps out of the room softly. Pacing her footsteps so that Ryan won’t hear her.

Ok. Ok. I am Hakeem. Karen’s boyfriend. I know that she is pregnant with your child and I just want to talk to her. She betrayed me and I just want to know why. I am not here to cause any trouble rude bwoy. Believe me.

Abby couldn’t believe her ears. How in the hell was Karen pregnant by Ryan? Her best friend of 10 years and the man that she was genuinely in love with? This could not be true. Hakeem had to be lying to get at her since they never really got along. She slid down the wall with a corral of tears trailing down her cheeks feeling as if she was having an anxiety attack. The thought of Karen vomiting repeatedly in the jail parking lot replayed in her head. This shit baffled her. Abby’s life had just ended and begun all in the matter of three minutes.

If Karen is pregnant by Ryan, they will both pay. & they will repay her in blood.