Your Monday Report!!!

*loooong exaggerated sigh*

Hey y’all!! I hope all has been well with each and every one of you. That’s on the account of blessings, success, and every other positive word that you can think of right now. So, I am here with y’all today to give a rundown on the goodness I saw this week. Majority from social media, but it's good stuff.

Fashion had kind of gotten boring to me. There are no more risk taking, edgy, “oh my fuckin’ gosh” moments. If there are any, the trophy is probably given to Robyn “Rihanna” Fenty who continues to hold down that #1 spot in my book, as far as fashion goes. Sis just continues to snatch my edges 95% of the time.

But anywho, let’s dive right on into my Top 5 Instagram Beauty Accounts of the Week!!

#1. Kylie Jenner! (@KylieJenner) Kylie continues to bring the heat with her makeup brand, “Kylie Cosmetics.” She also has a new collaboration dropping this week with Kourtney Kardashian. I’ll have to check it out to see what all the hype is about.


#2. Aaliyah Jay! (@AaliyahJay) My twerking sista! Lol. Aaliyah is just super down-to-earth and always have such a positive vibe about her that I just love. Her outlook on life and the makeup industry is always so truthful and respected. 


#3. Shayla! (@MakeupShayla) I caught wind of Shayla’s Youtube video featuring her new Coulourpop collection and I loved it. The colors looks super pigmented and her Perception Palette is comprised of many of my go-to neutrals. Definitely copping.


#4. @Junky4Makeup! I’ve been following her on Instagram for some time now, and I must say, “SIS BEATS FACES.” From the looks of it, she takes her artistry very serious and she’s very great at what she does. Her clients’ makeup looks always looks different, not one like the other, which shows her diversity, technique, and skill. She’ll only get better!


#5. Who doesn’t love Nikkie? (@Nikkietutorials) Nikkie is the best, hands down, at trying different challenges and looks, and killing them every time. She is such a unicorn and she has the personality to match. Keep up the splendid work Nikkie! IGB Approved!!!


Best Dressed of the Week! Who Wore What?

#1. Amour Jayda. Barbie Tings! Jayda wore a pink two-piece shorts set paired with pink Vetements Sock Boots valued at $1450. So chic!

#2. Lori Harvey. Orange is the New Black! Lori combined Chanel sneakers, a black and orange Ben Taverniti Unravel coat, and finished with a Gucci Fanny Pack. This is a very tomboyish, yet, modern look that not many can pull off, she did effortlessly!


#3. Minaa Monroe. Unintentional Flex! Minaa is rocking a silk-like jumpsuit from her Anniversary Collection and I love it. The oversized shades complimented the colors in the jumpsuit and being that it is spring, this would make a perfect outfit for any occasion.  



Powerful. Heavy. Dominant. Queen. Compelling. Untouchable.

Last weekend, the internet was in shambles after Beyonce took the stage at Cochella 2018. Bey performed with a live band and they killed. It. But it’s like didn’t we expect this? HELL YES! Joined on stage by her sister Solange and former group members Kelly and Michelle from Destiny’s Child, the energy was at an all time high. Bey made history being the first African American female artist to headline the big festival. Her work ethic and precision are always on point. Her talent and hard work is evident and that alone continues to keep her in a lane of her own!  


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