I have some ish to say↵

I have some shit to say…. & this isn’t click bait.

☻ Listen. ☻

It’s been a minute since I have sat down and dropped some gems on my readers about love, loyalty, hatred, haters, these bitches… whatever, whoever, and so forth. My experiences are just that, my experiences. It has always been in me to be real. I mean absolutely-authentic.

Chasing pavements, that are embodied by water, rocks, sand, gravel, and forms of powder, that you so happen to realize don’t make you as concrete as you say you are. Are we born flaw or is it learned behavior? What elements in this huge universe makes you, you? What or how has the God you serve differentiated you from the rest? He made you different because of your ass, because you have a beard, or was it solely based on beauty? This is 85% of Instagram. No, let’s not just single IG out, it’s society. How have we become so ruthless, tasteless, and shameless? The SOUL is lost and because it is unseen, it is rarely one of the key elements that is worked on. Let me guess, because you “gotta hit them angles,” right? Hypothetically speaking, I love to dress up and take pictures. It’s been me my entire life. But what triggers me is this sudden emotion behind a “post.”

Let's dissect these ‘posts.'

Usually, friendships, relationships, situation-ships, are created, damaged, or ruined off of a post. (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) Because your friends don’t like these posts you are posting, that makes him or her a hater. Or negating the fact that you and this man just slept together last night, because he posted, “F*ck these hoes,” the relationship is now over. I am getting at the fact that this generation, including mine, is sensitive but emotionless at the same time. It confuses me. There are so many more ways to combat issues in your home and/or relationship other than taking everything online for the world to see. We get it. You are tough, and you aren't scared of anyone. But the worst kind of people are those that are constantly seeking validation. Whether it is from people, for an image, or for a come up. Stop with all the gimmicks, be you, be humble, and ride your own wave.

Enough about the internet.

Friends. How many of us have them?
girl. These days you should not be concerned about validation from a friend. Why? Majority of them are fake and fold. A lot of females these days do not have your best interest simply because they are running this imaginary race with you in their head. You could always be the well-wisher, applauder, confidant, in the group, but if they see you winning by an inch, they become jealous. I know this. This is factual. I have never been the kind to hang with a huge group of females because I stay to myself a lot, but when I tell you these heifers not real…. Believe me.


It takes a special kind of mindset to understand who you are. You can easily be brainwashed into thinking that you must fit a certain standard to be *IT.* But I am here to tell you, fuck those standards and do you. Gain confidence in knowing that there’s no real-LIFE manual. It is already manifested on the inside of you! Success and/or the lack thereof, is intentional favor. What you are willing to risk and the measures you are willing to take magnifies where you will be. It can not be rushed, it can not be copied; it is purpose driven. It’s takes discipline, commitment, perseverance, resilience, faith, favor, determination, and isolation to enter the next dimension of your life. There is no easy button. Awake it!

Social Media, friends, lo……

Oh, love. Thou we shall all live with it, sometimes, I hate it. Living with love because you know you serve a God whose principals surrounds love, makes you so forgiving, understanding, accepting, to the point where you settle for so much bullshit. Relationships are hard these days, in my opinion. A man measures the amount of love he has for you based off of how long you’ve stayed with him after what he has put you through. A woman measures her love by security and his means to provide. In all essence, partners, dudes, ain’t shit dudes, boys, and MEN. Girls, females, baby mama’s, freaks, WOMEN. Lol. Sometimes, I feel like what is expected in a partner is not what is given. The love that one may give is oftentimes not reciprocated. You give, exceedingly, with love, giving your partner hope, helping them to accomplish their dreams, and you do not get the same in return. However, if it is a win or a lose, every “L” is strategically aligned with your destiny. Your goal should be to outdo “Yourself on a daily basis.” That includes every area of your life. No man nor woman should determine the outcome nor value of your livelihood.

What are some of your thoughts on these topics or this article. Let me know below!

Iman! ♥