What I Wore...


I won’t keep you long tonight…

Today, I did a little running around, but I didn’t partake in any Cinco de Mayo celebrations. How lame am I? I decided to try something new today. Get dressed, meaning find outfit, do makeup, and hair, in an hour. I was really contemplating doing my makeup, but it happened. So, I’m happy.


What did I wear today?

Today, I wore an oversized t-shirt dress that I purchased from Pretty Little Thing a couple of months ago. I paired this dress with my sheer tight-high boots from Lola Shoetique. I created this staple look with gold-hoop earrings and other gold accessories. 

I'm getting better with working my Nikon DSLR, that I even switched the setting in the last picture above to reduce the Luminance Noise in my face. That's alot to take in, I know. LOL!!!

Enjoy your Saturday night,